Welcome to the Retired Surfers Fraternity

We offer retirees of any age and fellow surfers the opportunity to join a growing fraternity of surfers who have put in the hard yards and want to now kick-back, surf more and live life to the fullest. The RSF concept is one we hope to spread and to share with everyone who can surf when they want to, where they want to, and without having to deal with the ever-increasing crowds on any given weekend. 

"Our aim is to expand the idea worldwide so when travelling on the endless search for waves and spotting a Retired Surfers Fraternity member an instant association is formed."

RSF hopes you might like to join us on this journey and become a member of our fraternity, or perhaps to start your own chapter. What we offer is an opportunity to become a part of a community we hope will continue to grow and prosper, and continue to expand here in Australia and ultimately throughout the world, wherever you, fellow surfer, might live. Contact RSF email for information if travelling to members chapters.

For a small registration cost of only $55.00, you'll receive lifetime membership, an RSF t-shirt made from 100% cotton, two original RSF bumper stickers, an RSF cap and an RSF certificate stating your name and your local break or chapter. That one-time fee will ensure you become a part of an exciting and innovative community of surfers, surfers who share a common love - no, not the missus - it's all about the surfing!  If you love our online products, you can still purchase whatever you like without having to become a member. The real value, however, is in the member package!

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How about a Retired Surfers Fraternity sticker.

3 designs available.

Excellent for cars, boards, windows, etc.

See online store section below.

     Retired Surfers Fraternity Sticker


Retired Surfers Fraternity member enjoying the freedom.

No more work ..... lots more waves.

Members Surfing 11

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